Opal ‘icious! Take a Tourmaline!

October birthdays are special and lucky! You have two beautiful gemstones to choose from as your birthstone!

Opal – is the fiery gemstone that has formed in nooks and crannies of rocks, mostly in the harsh, ancient rocks of Australia.

There are two basic forms of solid opal – light opal with a paler background with flashes of turquoise, pinks and greens and dark opal with a darker background and brilliant flashes of red, greens and oranges arranged in random patterns. Every gemstone is individual, no two beauties are alike. Opals can be retailed in Boulder opal, triplets and doublets form. Opalised fossil bones, teeth are an unusual phenomena.

Queen Victoria loved this unique gemstone so much that she spread the rumour they were unlucky gemstones so no-one would buy them. This is completely false, you should be proud to wear such a special gem. It is the symbol of hope.

Lightening Ridge and Coober Pedy are two key mining spots in Australia. Opals can also be found in certain regions of Brazil and Africa too.

Tourmaline – is a beautiful gemstone that is transparent, has plenty of sparkle and comes in almost every colour! Even its original name Toramalli means ‘mixed gems’ in Sinhalese. It has been used in jewellery through the ages and until it was recognised as a specific gemstone in the 1800’s was often mistaken for rubies (rubellites), emeralds (Brazilian emeralds) and sapphires (indicolite). In 1892 after being researched by Dr. Kunz from Tiffany’s it became known as the American gem and was shipped to China in huge quantities. It was also mined in Brazil, Ceylon and Russia. A gorgeous deep red was found in Madagascar and Afghanistan in the 1950’s and in the late 1980’s n intense blue was found in Paraiba, Brazil. It is a very durable gemstone and can easily be cut into most popular shapes.

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