Peridot- Biblical and beyond!

Peridot, or Olivine, is the birthstone for the month of August. It is one of the few green gemstones and is prized for its brilliance and gorgeous shades from yellow green to copper green shades. It can be crafted into many shapes making it an ideal gemstone for creating beautiful, individual pieces of jewellery. It is mentioned in the Bible and is one of the key gems popular for Suffragette jewellery, representing the green of Give Women Votes. The other two usually being Pearls (white) and Amethysts (violet). It is thought to bring confidence and joy to the wearer whilst reducing stress and anger.

At Frost Jewellery, it is one of our favourite gemstones and we usually have a fine range of rings, pendants, earrings and beads in stock featuring this unique gem. Please call in and or email us at , we can always create a special piece of jewellery for you, we will happily meet your design or budget, or even find a finely designed curiosity of history to take home and treasure.


For more info on Peridot have a little look here or here or our gallery for more inspiration

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