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Repairs & Remodelling

We remake and recycle heirlooms!

Contact us for a personal and expert service. Our specialist designers will work with you and our artisan workshops to achieve the best possible outcomes for loved individual pieces, heirlooms and collectors’ pride & joy, regardless of their condition, antiquity, fragility or maybe it’s just plain out of fashion!?

We can give new life to well-worn and well-loved jewellery for generations to come. We can use existing diamonds, gems and fine metal parts to update the look of a current piece or create something altogether new for you to love.

Some people want to treasure the sentimentality contained in family heirlooms but just want something more wearable, more stylish or just more functional. We are experts in jewellery repair and remodelling and will recommend designs for you to commit to preserving your treasure, and conserving for the future!

Remake of art deco ring: before
Remake of art deco ring: after

Broken and damaged diamond: before
Repaired diamond

Our jewellery repair service covers all types of jewellery and wearable collectables, including:

  • Simple re-sizings to complete new makes, re-settings, soldering (hand and laser)
  • Clean & polish
  • Wrist and pocket watches, mantle and carriage clocks repairs and overhauls
  • Diamond and Gem damage recut and repaired
  • Sterling Silver – repair, polish, plating, gold plating
  • Enamel, porcelain & china – repair and detail

Add a special touch with ‘Hand Engraving’ – by a true Master Engraver