Royal Crown Jewels Ruby Or a Fake?

Did you know that the Black Prince Ruby in the English Crown Jewels is actually a rich ruby red spinel?

If you are looking for ‘Bling’ at a reasonable price?  One of the most colourful and sparkliest  gemstones is the very under-rated Spinel!

Found mostly in Ceylon, Thailand and Burma there is almost every colour of the rainbow available, from deep red through pinks to orange, purple, blue and green and many hues in between. Due to their crystalline structure and hardness, they can be cut into most shapes and have a high dispersion value which gives the gemstones a strong brilliance. Even the Gemological Institute of America now grade and certify some significant stones of high value

We always have some pieces of jewellery in stock set with these beautiful gems but if you have a design idea, we can arrange to show you some wonderful examples and help you design that special, unique piece of jewellery that the recipient will love.

Of course, if you wish for the genuine, natural ruby we have a wonderful range of facetted beads and ruby and diamond rings, earrings and a stunning bracelet, as pictued above.

Whatever your choice, Frost Jewellery will help you choose a beautiful piece to match your budget. Just call in Mon-Fri. 10:00-16:30.

For more on Spinel read-up here, or pop in to us for more than 70years experience, as Australia’s premier family Jeweller

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