Sapphires, September & Spring

Lucky you if you have a September birthday and especially so if you have a 5th or 45th Wedding Anniversary. You will be blessed with loyalty, sincerity and wisdom.

Sapphires are one of the most versatile gemstones as they can be cut into any shape and due to their Hardness (second only to Diamonds) are a very practical choice for jewellery. They have been treasured from ancient times through the centuries and are still one of the most popular of gemstones.

If blue hues are not your thing, they come in a myriad of colours except red, which are classified as rubies. Shades of pink, gold, yellow, green, purple, white, parti-coloured and the gorgeous apricot of Padparadscha , meaning ‘Lotus Flower’ in Sri Lankan give a huge choice. Due to their crystal structure they are one of the few gemstones which are known as the rare and magnificent ‘Star Sapphires’.

Australia produces many fine sapphires along with Sri Lanka, Thailand, Africa and America. The most famous Saphire in the world is ‘The Star of India’ . In fact the most recent British Royal weddings have featured Sapphires as a traditional alternative to a diamond solitaire engagement ring, the Duchess Kate Middleton’s features a perfect Ceylonese blue and Princess Eugenie’s sports a beautiful rare orange padparadscha gem.

Sapphires of significant quality and size can also be paired with certification from the GIA or qualified gem labs denoting the qualities and attributes of your unique gemstone.

At Frost Jewellery, we have a beautiful range of sapphire jewellery and of course, can always help you design the special piece just for you. Pop in and have a talk with one of our expert jewellers . We look forward to meeting you!

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